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Discover The Depths Of Your Own Unique Voice

The human voice is the most powerful and expressive musical instrument that has ever existed. With it, fames and fortunes are won and lost, agreements are made, entire nations are led forward. Beautiful singing can bring listeners to tears. A powerful and strong voice can inspire people to keep going onward in spite of the difficulties of life. Learning to use your unique voice is the most freeing and emotionally validating experience that you can embark upon.

That’s why it is critical that you choose the right teacher to help you learn how to master your voice. That’s also why I spend countless hours studying the latest discoveries in teaching. My knowledge base comes from hundreds of hours of training in functional anatomy, functional voice training, MDH Breathing Coordination, Myofascial Release and massage techniques.

I do this to help my clients restore and discover the flexibility and range of their healthy, powerful, and strong voices. Because when you get right down to it, your voice is also the only instrument that is an absolutely necessary tool for your day-to-day life - and it is by far one of the most complex and intriguing mechanisms in all of the world.

So let’s get started today. Foster your greatest tool for self-expression and gain the freedom you’ve always wanted.


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Choosing the right teacher is not a decision to be taken lightly. That’s why I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to learn about your goals for voice training, and to see how I may assist you.

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Crystal Barron


Singer, teacher, arranger, music director, pianist, performance coach. For almost 30 years Crystal has been living in the world of professional music. She has coached professional and aspiring professional singers in Pop, R&B, Indie, Musical Theatre, Country, Classical and Jazz styles and has had students as finalists of National Vocal Competitions, Semi-Finalist on NBC’s “The Voice” and National Tours of Broadway shows.



BA, Vocal Performance & Music Theory, 1993

Cal State Long Beach
MM, Vocal Performance, 2004


• Certified MDH Breathing Coordination Practitioner


• Voting Member, Pan-American Vocology Assocation
• Mentor, Vocology in Practice
• National Association of Teachers of Singing, Los Angeles Chapter,
Board Member
• Association for Popular Music Education
• Performing Arts Medicine Association