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Eliminate Vocal Challenges
A Holistic Approach To Training Your Voice

Everything about the way we approach your voice at CrystalVoice Studio is different. From our cutting-edge technologies and fine-tuned techniques to our experienced performance coaching, we’re here to help you truly spread your wings and awe crowds by taking a 360 view of your vocal training.

You will benefit from having top-notch vocal coaches and performers push your vocal “envelope.” Our holistic approach is rooted in vocal science, with a comprehensive application of biomechanics, physics and functional anatomy to help you build a healthy, beautiful, powerful voice and ensures longevity.

At CVS, you will learn to:

  • Eliminate your break

  • Increase your range

  • Find YOUR unique voice and learn how to express it

  • Shine during performances when it matters most.

  • Further your career

  • Take care of your voice to avoid strain or injury

  • Build musicianship skills to support your voice


Singing is like a celebration of oxygen.
— Bjork