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You cannot address the voice without addressing the entire body. Crystal integrates postural re-education, MDH Breathing Coordination, neuromuscular education and performance psychology into every session to help you discover YOUR voice. We work to precisely identify each student’s needs, and then develop a comprehensive, holistic learning plan to demystify the process, allowing you to embrace the journey!




The way we breathe affects literally everything we do. Crystal incorporates MDH Breathing Coordination into every vocal session she teaches. MDH BC is also available as a stand alone modality. We take a deep look at specifics in your posture and breathing that are holding you back from attaining your best performance, and then help your body find better balance and alignment, more optimal breathing and posture, and over all better performance. Incorporated with or without voice work (at your request).



“The Truth About Your Voice”

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Find a powerful, lasting connection to your voice in this 8 week intensive workshop as we deep dive into alignment, vocal production, breathing, performance psychology, body mapping, and much much more, all in a supportive small group setting. Each week every student will have the opportunity to work one on one with Crystal to integrate and apply the concepts to their own body and voice. Next class will start October 2019 in Burbank, time TBA. Interest list forming now, add your name to the list here!