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with Crystal Barron

You cannot address the voice without addressing the entire body. Crystal integrates postural re-education, MDH Breathing Coordination, neuromuscular education and performance psychology into every session to help you discover YOUR voice. We work to precisely identify each student’s needs, and then develop a comprehensive, holistic learning plan to demystify the process, allowing you to embrace the journey!




The way we breathe affects literally everything we do. Crystal incorporates MDH Breathing Coordination into every vocal session she teaches. MDH BC is also available as a stand alone modality. We take a deep look at specifics in your posture and breathing that are holding you back from attaining your best performance, and then help your body find better balance and alignment, more optimal breathing and posture, and over all better performance. Incorporated with or without voice work (at your request).




When was the last time you gave your vocal chords a “spa” day? Listen up, if you’re a professional singer or even if you’re just feeling a little overworked in the vocal department – then a laryngeal massage can help you get back to the top of your game.

Laryngeal massage is an intimate and relaxing massage that focuses on your most talented and intricate muscles – the ones that create and modify your voice. By taking care of those muscles, smoothing them out, and relieving any residual stress they might be carrying, you will find your voice has a “whole new lease on life” after we are all done!





If you are in pain or suffering from tension or injury that just won’t go away, then you need a very special type of therapy that is designed to release tight muscles quickly and easily.

Percussion therapy does just that by employing vibration to “percuss” all of the stress out of a muscle’s fibers quickly and effectively. Not only will you personally enjoy this relaxing experience, but you will LOVE the result…

A dramatic improvement in your ability to perform!



ML830® Laser is a non-thermal laser capable of penetrating deep into tissue. Once delivered, the light energy promotes an increase in cellular metabolism rate that expedites cell repair and stimulates immune, lymphatic and vascular systems. The net result, observed in clinical trials to date, is the apparent reduction in pain, inflammation, edema and overall reduction in healing time.




TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and is predominately used for pain relief and the treatment of pain and nerve related pain conditions (acute and chronic conditions). TENS machines work by sending electronic stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands.

EMS stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulator, and is predominately used to preven, or reduce, muscle atrophy. . EMS also helps to increase blood flow to muscles, range of motion and muscle strength, as well as enhancing muscle endurance. EMS has pain management attributes in helping muscle related pain, such as a spastic muscle, sore muscles, or tight muscles.

Preliminary studies show that both these modalities may assist in symptom reduction in some vocal pathologies, specifically Muscle Tension Dysphonia and Bowed Vocal Chords.