CrystalVoice Studio
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2019 rates

I have a passionate desire to provide quality voice training to all who are strongly motivated to learn. 
As a result, I have developed a unique tuition structure. 

Introductory lesson:

$150 for 60 minutes

$75 for 30 minutes (Facetime/Skype only)

A la carte lessons (no commitment):

$175 for 60 minutes 

$90 for 30 minutes (Facetime/Skype only)

Ongoing LESSONS:

includes access to all online educational content at no additional charge (value of $49 per month)

Two 60 minute lessons per month:  standard tuition $350

Four 60 minute lessons per month: standard tuition $650

Two 30 minute lessons per month (Facetime or Skype only): standard tuition $150

Need based tuition reduction:

I offer 2 tiers of need-based discounts, which are available to a limited number of students demonstrating financial hardship and are interested in being studio ambassadors. Request information on this program